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Wounded Fibreglass Arrow Shaft

The MANTIS ™ is not made by cost-effective pultrusion, but by multi-directional wrapping 100% high performance fibreglass-prepregs. The arrow shaft is adjusted to a spine of 750 and is therefore also suitable for more precise target shooting. The difference to pultruded arrow shafts is visible not only in optics, with internal mounted components, but also in the significantly better results.

Durable companion for athletes and for all bows up to 40 pounds draw weight. Also a good choice if you have just discovered archery and your aim to have repeated success experiences on a long-term.

  • Shaft 100% high performance fibreglass
  • Black mat varnished
  • Rawshaft 33 inch long
  • Weight approx. 11.7 grains/inch
  • Weight tolerance +/- 2 grains (Basis 28″)

  • Straightness +/- 0,006″
  • Spine 750
  • Inner diameter 6.25 mm / 0.246 inch
  • Recommended DROPSHAPED™-Point in burnished steel with 90, 110 or 130 grains, sold separately

Shaft data:

Spine Lenght
+/- [inch]
750 33″ 6.25 11.7 0.006″ 11.7 42.0

Deflection measured in accordance to ASTM F2031-05 (2010), average value. ATA spine Basis 26″
Straightness measured in accordance to ASTM F1889-05 (2010)